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Shipping us your Firearm


$55 shipping to us and you keep the hard case!

We have recently implemented a program that we hope will make it as easy as possible for you to ship us a long gun for services.  Simply give us a call or order online and for $55.00 we will ship you a new Plano 48" single rifle hard case with cardboard shipping box.  This includes a pre-paid shipping label covering all the cost of shipping your firearm with $1000.00 of insurance to Score High Gunsmithing, an easy to understand work order form and a copy of our FFL.  Some UPS facilities do not understand the shipping regulations as they relate to firearms and the enclosed FFL document should remove all barriers that you may encounter..  Simply attach the pre-paid shipping label enclosed to the outside of the box and present it to any UPS shipping facility.  This does not include the cost of return shipping of your completed firearm which typically runs about $45.00.  After the work has been completed we will ship you your rifle in the same hard case and then you keep the hard case.


The shipping regulations are much easier than one might think.  It is perfectly legal for an individual to ship a firearm directly to me and I am able to ship it directly back to that individual without going through a dealer.  I am required to return the firearm only to the name and address from which it came.  To return it to any other person or address would be recognized as a transfer and would require that a dealer receive the gun at the other end.  You can use any carrier that you like the U.S. Postal Service is probably the most convenient followed by UPS or Fed-Ex.  What ever works best for you will work fine for me.  Be sure to insure the package for full replacement value, this will insure that a signature is required

Our shipping and mailing address is;

Score High Gunsmithing 
9812-A Cochiti Rd. SE 
Albuquerque, NM 87123

Ph# 505-292-5532 or 800-326-563

When shipping use a firearm for service be sure to include:

Your first and last name
Physical shipping address (NO PO BOXES)
phone number and email address
a description of the work to be performed.