Score High Benchrest Followers

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ALL NEW,  8/24/2016

ALL New Single Shot Loading blocks for AICS Magazins (308 size only)



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Easily Convert your bolt action rifle to a single shot with the Score High Benchrest Follower. No more scratched cases, no more battered bullet noses, No more fumbling around trying to load your bolt action rifle one round at a time. You simply insert the Score High Benchrest Follower in your magazine on top of the factory follower and spring. There it serves as a tray that positions the cartridge directly in line with the chamber for smooth, trouble free loading. This item is a must for any serious target, varmint or silhouette shooter, or for any body who requires the utmost accuracy from their rifle.

No gunsmithing required. These followers are designed and engineered to fit one specific bolt action rifle. Over 21 models available. All are machined from 6061-t6 aluminum.


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